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Edict of Expulsion

(Spanish version below)

On the 31st of march, 1492, the catholic monarchs of newly created Spain signed the edict expelling the Jews.

Un día como hoy, 31 de marzo de 1492, los Reyes Católicos de España firmaron el edicto de expulsión de los judíos.

(1) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, by the grace of God, King and Queen of Castile, Leon, Aragon, Sicily, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, the Balearic Islands, Seville, Sardinia, Cordoba, Corsica, Murcia, Jaen, of the Algarve, Algeciras, Gibraltar, and of the Canary Islands, count and countess of Barcelona and lords of Biscay and Molina, dukes of Athens and Neopatria, counts of Rousillon and Cerdana, marquises of Oristan and of Gociano, to the prince Lord Juan, our very dear and muched love son, and to the other royal children, prelates, dukes, marquees, counts, masters of military orders, priors, grandees, knight commanders, governors of castles and fortified places of our kingdoms and lordships, and to councils, magistrates, mayors, constables, district judges, knights, official squires, and all good men of the noble and loyal city of Burgos and other cities, towns, and villages of its bishopric and of other archbishoprics, bishoprics, dioceses of our kingdom and lordships, and to the residential quarters of the Jews of the said city of Burgos and of all the aforesaid cities, towns, and villages of its bishopric and of the other cities, towns, and villages of our aforementioned kingdoms and lordships, and to all Jews and to all individual Jews of those places, and to barons and women of whatever age they may be, and to all other persons of whatever law, estate, dignity, preeminence, and condition they may be, and to all to whom the matter contained in this charter pertains or may pertain. Salutations and grace.

(2) You know well or ought to know, that whereas we have been informed that in these our kingdoms there were some wicked Christians who Judaized and apostatized from our holy Catholic faith, the great cause of which was interaction between the Jews and these Christians, in the cortes which we held in the city of Toledo in the past year of one thousand, four hundred and eighty, we ordered the separation of the said Jews in all the cities, towns and villages of our kingdoms and lordships and [commanded] that they be given Jewish quarters and separated places where they should live, hoping that by their separation the situation would remedy itself. Furthermore, we procured and gave orders that inquisition should be made in our aforementioned kingships and lordships, which as you know has for twelve years been made and is being made, and by many guilty persons have been discovered, as is very well known, and accordingly we are informed by the inquisitors and by other devout persons, ecclesiastical and secular, that great injury has resulted and still results, since the Christians have engaged in and continue to engage in social interaction and communication they have had means and ways they can to subvert and to steal faithful Christians from our holy Catholic faith and to separate them from it, and to draw them to themselves and subvert them to their own wicked belief and conviction, instructing them in the ceremonies and observances of their law, holding meetings at which they read and teach that which people must hold and believe according to their law, achieving that the Christians and their children be circumcised, and giving them books from which they may read their prayers and declaring to them the fasts that they must keep, and joining with them to read and teach them the history of their law, indicating to them the festivals before they occur, advising them of what in them they are to hold and observe, carrying to them and giving to them from their houses unleavened bread and meats ritually slaughtered, instructing them about the things from which they must refrain, as much in eating as in other things in order to observe their law, and persuading them as much as they can to hold and observe the law of Moses, convincing them that there is no other law or truth except for that one. This proved by many statements and confessions, both from these same Jews and from those who have been perverted and enticed by them, which has redounded to the great injury, detriment, and opprobrium of our holy Catholic faith.

(3) Notwithstanding that we were informed of the great part of this before now and we knew that the true remedy for all these injuries and inconveniences was to prohibit all interaction between the said Jews and Christians and banish them from all our kingdoms, we desired to content ourselves by commanding them to leave all cities, towns, and villages of Andalusia where it appears that they have done the greatest injury, believing that that would be sufficient so that those of other cities, towns, and villages of our kingdoms and lordships would cease to do and commit the aforesaid acts. And since we are informed that neither that step nor the passing of sentence [of condemnation] against the said Jews who have been most guilty of the said crimes and delicts against our holy Catholic faith have been sufficient as a complete remedy to obviate and correct so great an opprobrium and offense to the faith and the Christian religion, because every day it is found and appears that the said Jews increase in continuing their evil and wicked purpose wherever they live and congregate, and so that there will not be any place where they further offend our holy faith, and corrupt those whom God has until now most desired to preserve, as well as those who had fallen but amended and returned to Holy Mother Church, the which according to the weakness of our humanity and by diabolical astuteness and suggestion that continually wages war against us may easily occur unless the principal cause of it be removed, which is to banish the said Jews from our kingdoms. Because whenever any grave and detestable crime is committed by members of any organization or corporation, it is reasonable that such an organization or corporation should be dissolved and annihilated and that the lesser members as well as tile greater and everyone for the others be punished, and that those who perturb the good and honest life of cities and towns and by contagion can injure others should be expelled from those places and even if for lighter causes, that may be injurious to the Republic, how Much more for those greater and most dangerous and most contagious crimes such as this.

(4) Therefore, we, with the counsel and advice of prelates, great noblemen of our kingdoms, and other persons of learning and wisdom of our Council, having taken deliberation about this matter, resolve to order the said Jews and Jewesses of our kingdoms to depart and never to return or come back to them or to any of them. And concerning this we command this our charter to be given, by which we order all Jews and Jewesses of whatever age they may be, who live, reside, and exist in our said kingdoms and lordships, as much those who are natives as those who are not, who by whatever manner or whatever cause have come to live and reside therein, that by the end of the month of July next of the present year, they depart from all of these our said realms and lordships, along with their sons and daughters, menservants and maidservants, Jewish familiars, those who are great as well as the lesser folk, of whatever age they may be, and they shall not dare to return to those places, nor to reside in them, nor to live in any part of them, neither temporarily on the way to somewhere else nor in any other manner, under pain that if they do not perform and comply with this command and should be found in our said kingdom and lordships and should in any manner live in them, they incur the penalty of death and the confiscation of all their possessions by our Chamber of Finance, incurring these penalties by the act itself, without further trial, sentence, or declaration. And we command and forbid that any person or persons of the said kingdoms, of whatever estate, condition, or dignity that they may be, shall dare to receive, protect, defend, nor hold publicly or secretly any Jew or Jewess beyond the date of the end of July and from henceforth forever, in their lands, houses, or in other parts of any of our said kingdoms and lordships, under pain of losing all their possessions, vassals, fortified places, and other inheritances, and beyond this of losing whatever financial grants they hold from us by our Chamber of Finance.

(5) And so that the said Jews and Jewesses during the stated period of time until the end of the said month of July may be better able to dispose of themselves, and their possession, and their estates, for the present we take and receive them under our Security, protection, and royal safeguard, and we secure to them and to their possessions that for the duration of the said time until the said last day of the said month of July they may travel and be safe, they may enter, sell, trade, and alienate all their movable and rooted possessions and dispose of them freely and at their will, and that during the said time, no one shall harm them, nor injure them, no wrong shall be done to them against justice, in their persons or in their possessions, under the penalty which falls on and is incurred by those who violate the royal safeguard. And we likewise give license and faculty to those said Jews and Jewesses that they be able to export their goods and estates out of these our said kingdoms and lordships by sea or land as long as they do not export gold or silver or coined money or other things prohibited by the laws of our kingdoms, excepting merchandise and things that are not prohibited.

(6) And we command all councils, justices, magistrates, knights, squires, officials, and all good men of the said city of Burgos and of the other cities, towns, and villages of our said kingdoms and lordships and all our new vassals, subjects, and natives that they preserve and comply with and cause to be preserved and complied with this our charter and all that is contained in it, and to give and to cause to be given all assistance and favor in its application under penalty of [being at] our mercy and the confiscation of all their possessions and offices by our Chamber of Finance. And because this must be brought to the notice of all, so that no one may pretend ignorance, we command that this our charter be posted in the customary plazas and places of the said city and of the principal cities, towns, and villages of its bishopric as an announcement and as a public document. And no one shall do any damage to it in any manner under penalty of being at our mercy and the deprivation of their offices and the confiscation of their possessions, which will happen to each one who might do this. Moreover, we command the [man] who shows them this our charter that he summon [those who act against the charter] to appear before us at our court wherever we may be, on the day that they are summoned during the fifteen days following the crime under the said penalty, under which we command whichever public scribe who would be called for the purpose of reading this our charter that the signed charter with its seal should be shown to you all so that we may know that our command is carried out.

(7) Given in our city of Granada, the XXXI day of the month of March, the year of the birth of our lord Jesus Christ one thousand four hundred and ninety-two years.

I, the King, I the Queen,

I, Juan de Coloma, secretary of the king and queen our lords, have caused this to be written at their command.

Registered by Cabrera, Almacan chancellor.


Edicto de Expulsión

31 de marzo de 1492, los Reyes Católicos de España firmaron el edicto de expulsión de los judíos.

Los Reyes Fernando e Isabel, por la gracia de Dios, Reyes de Castilla, León, Aragón y otros dominios de la corona- al príncipe Juan, los duques, marqueses, condes, ordenes religiosas y sus Maestres,... señores de los Castillos, caballeros y a todos los judíos hombres y mujeres de cualquier edad y a quienquiera esta carta le concierna, salud y gracia para él.

Bien es sabido que en nuestros dominios, existen algunos malos cristianos que han judaizado y han cometido apostasía contra la santa fe Católica, siendo causa la mayoría por las relaciones entre judíos y cristianos. Por lo tanto, en el año de 1480, ordenamos que los judíos fueran separados de las ciudades y provincias de nuestros dominios y que les fueran adjudicados sectores separados, esperando que con esta separación la situación existente sería remediada, y nosotros ordenamos que se estableciera la Inquisición en estos dominios; y en el término de 12 años ha funcionado y la Inquisición ha encontrado muchas personas culpables además, estamos informados por la Inquisición y otros el gran daño que persiste a los cristianos al relacionarse con los judíos, y a su vez estos judíos tratan de todas maneras a subvertir la Santa Fe Católica y están tratando de obstaculizar cristianos creyentes de acercarse a sus creencias.

Estos Judíos han instruido a esos cristianos en las ceremonias y creencias de sus leyes, circuncidando a sus hijos y dándoles libros para sus rezos, y declarando a ellos los días de ayuno, y reuniéndoles para enseñarles las historias de sus leyes, informándoles cuando son las festividades de Pascua y como seguirla, dándoles el pan sin levadura y las carnes preparadas ceremonialmente, y dando instrucción de las cosas que deben abstenerse con relación a alimentos y otras cosas requiriendo el seguimiento de las leyes de Moisés, haciéndoles saber a pleno conocimiento que no existe otra ley o verdad fuera de esta. Y así lo hace claro basados en sus confesiones de estos judíos lo mismo a los cuales han pervertido que ha sido resultado en un gran daño y detrimento a la santa fe Católica, y como nosotros conocíamos el verdadero remedio de estos daños y las dificultades yacían en el interferir de toda comunicación entre los mencionados Judíos y los Cristianos y enviándolos fuera de todos nuestros dominios, nosotros nos contentamos en ordenar si ya dichos Judíos de todas las ciudades y villas y lugares de Andalucía donde aparentemente ellos habían efectuado el mayor daño, y creyendo que esto seria suficiente de modo que en esos y otras ciudades y villas y lugares en nuestros reinos y nuestras posesiones seria efectivo y cesarían a cometer lo mencionado. Y porque hemos sido informados que nada de esto, ni es el caso ni las justicias hechas para algunos de los mencionados judíos encontrándolos muy culpables por lo por los susodichos crímenes y transgresiones contra la santa fe Católica han sido un remedio completo obviar y corregir estos delitos y ofensas. Y a la fe Cristiana y religión cada día parece que los Judíos incrementan en continuar su maldad y daño objetivo a donde residan y conversen; y porque no existe lugar donde ofender de mas a nuestra santa creencia, como a los cuales Dios ha protegido hasta el día de hoy y a aquellos que han sido influenciados, deber de la Santa Madre Iglesia reparar y reducir esta situación al estado anterior, debido a lo frágil del ser humano, pudiese ocurrir que podemos sucumbir a la diabólica tentación que continuamente combate contra nosotros, de modo que, si siendo la causa principal los llamados judíos si no son convertidos deberán ser expulsados de el Reino.

Debido a que cuando un crimen detestable y poderoso es cometido por algunos miembros de algún grupo es razonable el grupo debe ser absuelto o aniquilado y los menores por los mayores serán castigados uno por el otro y aquellos que permiten a los buenos y honestos en las ciudades y en las villas y por su contacto puedan perjudicar a otros deberán ser expulsados del grupo de gentes y a pesar de menores razones serán perjudiciales a la República y los mas por la mayoría de sus crímenes seria peligroso y contagioso de modo que el Consejo de hombres eminentes y caballeros de nuestro reinado y de otras personas de conciencia y conocimiento de nuestro supremo concejo y después de muchísima deliberación se acordó en dictar que todos los Judíos y Judías deben abandonar nuestros reinados y que no sea permitido nunca regresar.

Nosotros ordenamos además en este edicto que los Judíos y Judías cualquiera edad que residan en nuestros dominios o territorios que partan con sus hijos e hijas, sirvientes y familiares pequeños o grandes de todas las edades al fin de Julio de este año y que no se atrevan a regresar a nuestras tierras y que no tomen un paso adelante a traspasar de la manera que si algún Judío que no acepte este edicto si acaso es encontrado en estos dominios o regresa será culpado a muerte y confiscación de sus bienes.

Y hemos ordenado que ninguna persona en nuestro reinado sin importar su estado social incluyendo nobles que escondan o guarden o defiendan a un Judío o Judía ya sea públicamente o secretamente desde fines de Julio y meses subsiguientes en sus hogares o en otro sitio en nuestra región con riesgos de perder como castigo todos sus feudos y fortificaciones, privilegios y bienes hereditarios.

Hágase que los Judíos puedan deshacerse de sus hogares y todas sus pertenencias en el plazo estipulado por lo tanto nosotros proveemos nuestro compromiso de la protección y la seguridad de modo que al final del mes de Julio ellos puedan vender e intercambiar sus propiedades y muebles y cualquier otro articulo y disponer de ellos libremente a su criterio que durante este plazo nadie debe hacerles ningún daño, herirlos o injusticias a estas personas o a sus bienes lo cual seria injustificado y el que transgrediese esto incurrirá en el castigo los que violen nuestra seguridad Real.

Damos y otorgamos permiso a los anteriormente referidos Judíos y Judías a llevar consigo fuera de nuestras regiones sus bienes y pertenencias por mar o por tierra exceptuando oro y plata, o moneda acuñada u otro articulo prohibido por las leyes del reinado.

De modo que ordenamos a todos los concejales, magistrados, caballeros, guardias, oficiales, buenos hombres de la ciudad de Burgos y otras ciudades y villas de nuestro reino y dominios, y a todos nuestros vasallos y personas, que respeten y obedezcan con esta carta y con todo lo que contiene en ella, y que den la clase de asistencia y ayuda necesaria para su ejecución, sujeta a castigo por nuestra gracia soberana y por la confiscación de todos los bienes y propiedades para nuestra casa real y que esta sea notificada a todos y que ninguno pretenda ignorarla, ordenamos que este edicto sea proclamado en todas las plazas y los sitios de reunión de todas las ciudades y en las ciudades principales y villas de las diócesis, y sea hecho por el heraldo en presencia de el escribano público, y que ninguno o nadie haga lo contrario de lo que ha sido definido, sujeto al castigo de nuestra gracia soberana y la anulación de sus cargos y confiscación de sus bienes al que haga lo contrario.

Y ordenamos que se evidencie y pruebe a la corte con un testimonio firmado especificando la manera en que el edicto fue llevado a cabo.

Dado en esta ciudad de Granada el Treinta y uno día de marzo del año de nuestro señor Jesucristo de 1492.

Firmado Yo, el Rey, Yo la Reina, y Juan de la Colonia secretario del Rey y la Reina quien lo ha escrito por orden de sus Majestades.


(Spanish version below)

Andrés Bernáldez, en Historia de los Reyes Católicos describe el éxodo.

They left the lands of their birth, small and great, the old and the children, on foot an by horse or donkey or other beasts, and in carriages, and they continued their journey, each one to their port of destination, and they went by the roads and by the fields with many labors and misfortunes, some falling, others raising, some dying, others being born, some falling sick, so that there was no Christian who did not feel pity seeing them, and always where they went they were invited to accept baptism, and some, with pain, converted and remained, but very few, and the rabbis propelled them and the women and young men to sing and play tambourines and adufos ( a squared Spanish tambourine) to cheer up the people, and that's how they left Castile.

Salieron de las tierras de sus nacimientos, chicos y grandes, viejos y niños, a pie y caballeros en asnos y otras bestias, y en carretas, y continuaron sus viajes, cada uno a los puertos que habían de ir, e iban por los caminos y campos por donde iban con muchos trabajos y fortunas, unos cayendo, otros levantando, otros muriendo, otros naciendo, otros enfermando, que no había cristiano que no hubiese dolor de ellos, y siempre por do iban los convidaban al baptismo y algunos, con la cuita, se convertían y quedaban, pero muy pocos, y los rabies los iban esforzando y hacían cantar a las mujeres y mancebos y tañer panderos y adufos para alegrar la gente, y así salieron de Castilla.