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Photoshop was used to raise the letters in this photo.

The first thing that we need to do is orient the circle. You notice that there is a “V” incised in the circle. You should have that facing up or North.We’ll come back to that position shortly.

Surrounding outside of the Magic Square are the letters – Yud, Hay Eyin, Nun, Nun, Yud. They appear around the circle 15 times. 4 times in the North position, 3 times in the West position, 5 times in the South position, and 3 times in the East position.

These letters I believe are a contraction of two words. Yud Hay and Eyin Nun Nun Yud. The Yud Hay is G-d’s Name, and the Eyin Nun Nun Yud means answer me. Anayni. So together they say “ G-d should answer me.” And they appear 15 times mirroring the the number 15 of the Magic Square.

In the East position to the right of the 3 words are the letters Yud Hay Vov Hay. This is the name for G-d that is used after G-d reveals himself at the burning bush in the wilderness. It is G-d’s name Yahweh, which we are not allowed to pronounce.

In the West position behind the three words I believe, although it is difficult to make out are the letters Yud Kof, Mem, which means “To Arise” there is difficulty discerning one of the letters, but I think that I’m on the right track.

G-d’s name is in the East position because that is where the Temple was situated, and the Messiah will come to the Temple , therefore I assume from the West, that’s why I think the word is Arise is in the west.

Why the West & East have the word “G-d should answer” me 3 times? Maybe the answer is that on the third day of creation G-d says twice that “It is Good” where on the other days he doesn’t say it at all or only once. Another explanation for the number three is that you need a man, woman, and G-d to create a person, and lastly the first two letters of the Aleph-Bet have a gematria ( numerology) of 1 and 2 = 3. They spell the word AV, which means father. But these thoughts on the number three are only suppositions.