No. 3577

Statement made by Michael de Crasto, Portuguese merchant in
Amsterdam. He has
bought a ship in Enkhuizen from the widow of Lambert Cornelisz
Cruyff. The
ship, called Estrele Dourada (Gouden Ster) was rebaptised as St
Miguel. The
ship is about 50 lasts large and its skipper is Harke Gerritsz from
Michael de Crasto and the other shareholders agree that this ship
will sail to
Terceira and from there back and forth to Brasil with a Portuguese
skipper and
a Portuguese crew. Shareholders are: Diogo Martins, David Abeniacar,
Franco, Manuel Lopes Nunes, Afonso Henriques, Thomas Fernandes,
Antonio Lopes
Pereira, Felipe Henriques. In Terceira also: Sebastiao d’Andrade and
Roiz d’Oliveira.

1627 August 20
Not. Arch. 634 f. 142-142v.
Not. Sibrant Cornelisz.
Instrument in Portuguese.

No. 3575

Freight contract between Francisco and Manuel Mendes Trancoso, Diogo
Rodrigo Drago, Francisco Lopes de Azevedo and Manuel Alvares
Henriques as
freighters on the one side and skipper Michiel Dircksz from
Huisduinen as
hired skipper on the other side.
The ship Bõa Ventura, large 60 lasts will sail with goods from
Amsterdam to
Terceira, sailing around England; unload and reload with goods and
back to
Amsterdam. The freight amounts to 220 guilders as rent for the whole
There is a primage of about 100 guilders for the skipper. The skipper
engage six men and a boy with the owners’ advice. The crew will be
paid two
months’ wages in advance and the rest upon return. If there is no
return cargo
the ship will either be sold in Terceira or wait there. The skipper
and the
crew can return to the Netherlands with other ships. The crew’s wages
will run
until their return to Amsterdam.

1627 August 18
Not. Arch. 395A f. 133-134
Not. Jacob and Nicolaes Jacobsz.